Xeelo is an innovative business tool, a software platform which will increase your existing business performance exponentially. Whether you need to refine your existing ERP, better integrate many different systems and control master data, or just need a simple standalone workflow/document management tool for your business users to be more effective, Xeelo is the way to go.It integrates with your key systems, helping you build on your existing IT investments and tools without having to replace applications that work. It will bring a new element of user-friendly automation to your business and provide a single control center & dashboard to monitor your corporate performance and efficiency. It lets you focus on your business.

Form is fully configurable and interactive. Common applications usually have lots of fields that users don’t understand, and those you would need are quite hard to add. Not in Xeelo. You can set up everything using drag & drop, just choose one of 18 elements and place it where you want. Xeelo enables you to set various conditions and set up how each element should behave. Xeelo has easily configurable workflows. No matter how complex workflow you have. Xeelo can run both simple ones as well as very complex ones with plenty of conditions and exceptions. You can start with a simple workflow and add new and new steps as you need, rather than waiting to build the entire process at the beginning. Workflows can work based on various conditions, as the business requires. You can setup Actions, Conditions, Exports, Calculations, Messages, Notifications or special actions, which enables you to configure even very complex workflows without coding.

Xeelo features for your company

Companies & Types

  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple companies


  • Objects
  • References
  • Lookup
  • Calendars
  • Sub-grids
  • Autonumbers
  • Periodic
  • Label Translation


  • Workflows
  • Status
  • Roles


  • Notifications
  • Reports
  • Audit Log
  • User Activity
  • Printouts
  • Audit Report
  • Log
  • Data Classification

Export a import

  • Export
  • Object Services
  • Import

Query Stores

  • Query Store
  • Query Store Log


  • Application Settings
  • Storage Settings
  • Jobs and Schedulers
  • Variables
  • License

User Management

  • Users
  • Unsubscribed Users
  • LDAP Configuration
  • User Delegation
  • OrgChart
  • Mobile

Application Setup

  •  Database Transfer
  •  Object Transfer


Xeelo GDPR covers 40 out of 45 GDPR relevant articles. It gives organizations full proof of evidence of all GDPR activities they need to have in place after May 25, 2018.

What areas can you cover by Xeelo GDPR to become & stay compliant?

  • Register of Processing – You can map all processing activities and identifying data processors, controllers, data subjects and more…


  • Audit – Managing internal and external audits for GDPR. Providing reports …


  • Risk Impact Assessment – Xeelo GDPR provides you with a support while performing a risk assessment. Risks can be further managed in the Risk Management.


  • External Requests – Control of all your external requests, giving you a proper visibility of received requests. The status of each request can be checked in real time or controlled automatically.


  • Questionnaire’s – Xeelo GDPR is ready to distribute forms with your questions to recipients, while the status is tracked all the time and their answers are being collected in one place for a future evaluation.
  • Incidents – Xeelo GDPR helps you with managing incidents and stores a complete evidence of what happened, who decided and how as well as which measures have been taken in order to solve the incident.


  • Change Requests – Providing full evidence of your requests and taken decisions.


  • Trainings – Evidence of who was invited for a training and ho attended it to prove you did everything in order to avoid an improper personal data usage.


  • Procedures – Instead of sending procedures & guidelines via e-mail, you can share it through Xeelo GDPR and have a full evidence of employees’ acceptances.