SW platform DEX

for solutions in the area

augmented / mixed reality

The DEX SW platform consists of pre-prepared modules, processes, libraries and templates that enable faster and more effective creation of SW solutions in augmented / mixed reality tailored for the client. The platform is oriented on import, conversion, sharing and work with 3D models with respect to company processes, digital understanding and recognition of physical space.

It enables effective connection to other intranet SW solutions such as MS Office 365, CRM, PDM, MDM or other third-party solutions. It can be operated as a Cloud solution or as an on-premises solution even without the Internet access.

Key functionalities

Administrative part

  • Connected devices management
  • Users, roles and rights management
  • Integration to MS Office 365 and e-commerce solutions
  • Management and categorization of 3D models
  • Optimizing model complexity using artificial intelligence elements
  • 3D model configuration rules management
  • Editor of 3D models and annotations
  • Management of sharing scripts and 3D models
  • Digital twin IoT data management
  • Management of processes and notifications
  • Management of 3D instructions

Client part

  • Recognizing the space and saving the session in progress against the space
  • Advanced 3D model manipulation in real space using artificial intelligence elements for spatial recognition
  • Sharing image, sound and space
  • Applying 3D instructions to real space
  • Complex configuration of 3D models according to specified rules
  • Intelligent control of final device battery usage
  • Show simulations against real space
  • Visualization of IoT data over real objects
  • Configurator of 3D models when selling via e-shop
  • Automated responses to limits of space
  • Use of virtual processes against 3D models and spaces

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