Project XarBuild – the future of planning and designing buildings

The oldest dream of architects and builders is becoming a reality. The XARbuild application will transform your ideas into reality. With holographic glasses you can start building from the ground to the top floor on a green meadow. Projection of an unlimited number of architectural elements will allow perfect positioning in real space. The technology supports the creative side of building projects from the very beginning. Not only with the projecting of halls, their internal parts such as walls, doors, windows, partitions, sanitation and ventilation, but it also optimizes the realization process of smaller projects such as the completion or reconstruction of existing buildings, warehouses etc.

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Put on the holographic glasses and walk around your future workspace. You can evaluate the space based on suitability for intended work operations, ergonomics and safety. For draftsmen you can point out possible risks, enabling various adjustments that architects can include into the final version of the project. The result will be a perfectly designed building or structure without the need for additional expensive adjustment which would be normally required. Draftsmen already know very well, that the more variables they take into account in the early stages of a project, the better and cheaper the building will be. All the changes during implementation are expensive and they cause delay to the completion day. But if you can view the whole building in a real environment, in real dimensions, and if what is displayed as a hologram respects the laws of physics, as is possible with XARbuild technology, you can eliminate to a large extent the possible risks which complicate the job of builders and also users of the building.

How to design a production hall and be sure that everything down to the last detail will work as it should? Each type of production puts specific demands on machinery equipment, mobility, supply, the size of premises, lighting, sanitation, ventilation… The investors goal is to not waste any additional centimeter or cent. Help is simple. To create a complex project using the technology of augmented reality (AR). The huge advantage of an application like XARbuild lies in the possibility to simply engage specialists and the future user into the design work.

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We support the CBRE project The Office of the Year

Just as last year, we have decided to become one of the partners of this competition.

The Office of the Year is a CBRE project, the purpose of is to show and further evaluate the most inspirational working environment. The carefully selected jury will go through the Slovak companies that have signed up for this competition and pick a winner in four separated categories.

Through this project, they want to show us the philosophy, values and new trends in companies and firms, which are trying to create an inspirational, creative and healthy working environment.

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The society and companies have shown a great deal of interest, which also emphasizes the fact that this will be the third year of this prestigious competition. The reason is clear. Quality of the working environment is one of the most important factors in choosing a future employer. These days companies are fighting for talent and a healthy, inspirational and creative working environment its becoming an attractive opportunity for job seekers.

More about Office of the Year 2018 can be found at:

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Possibilities of using Augmented reality as a learning tool

How can augmented reality (AR) improve the education process? A new trend that has emerged from AR is the idea that it makes the workforce more productive.

People are dealing with huge amounts of data on a daily basis. We can all imagine stacks of documents piling up on our desk in the shape of a skyscraper. Imagine that there is a way to deal with this problem by just using a finger.

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Advantages connected to AR are infinite and they grow to fit different sectors and departments. AR shows itself useful and essential when it comes to training workers. Especially in certain sectors of industry.

For example, a young student of surgery could learn how to perform open-heart surgery. Especially if you can’t practice on people in real life and practicing on figurines does not show the scenario of real life. In using something in the physical sense, there are always limitations. On the other hand, AR can be used to set up real life examples using technology.

Augmented reality has great potential. It is demonstrably the best training tool. In any business, one of the main goals is to save as much money as possible. Expenses for training can very often exceed initial estimates, and this is one area in which augmented reality will and can help. It can speed up the entire process and reduce all the hard work.

Move ahead of the competition. The ability to train labor faster is a great advantage. Faster professional training will result in the improved performance of workers. Your staff are learning quickly, leading to a more efficient, qualified and productive team.

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The possibility of using augmented reality in office spaces

Augmented reality (AR) in the office. Imagine, that technology such as AR can completely restructure your working environment. It is going to be useful in the future. Even though a large amount of technologies are in the early stages, we expect that they will be available to the general public in the not so distant future.

Still, more and more companies rely on the creative capacity of a diffused work force. The new virtual tools are going to make them stronger.

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Talent is everywhere and a giant corporal campus is being slowly but surely pushed aside. AR can make any space a workspace. This is opening up new possibilities for cooperation and transforming the way we work. The biggest challenge of diffused work flow is the search for possibilities to find ways to replace working in a face-to-face environment. This is one of the reasons why companies such as Apple still want and need a big Headquarters.

AR gives you the feeling that you are sitting right next to your colleague, while at the same time you could be an entire continent away. In addition, using the virtual environment presents more options for working together and to go beyond what is possible in the office. Everything is only limited by your imagination.

Office workspace is developing. It’s possible that in 20 years the entire office space could have a virtual and not physical character. New technology allows people in different environments to communicate and share data between each other. And it is not going to stop there. The tools to translate in real time, 5G internet, better work flow allowing the flexibility of working from home.

When it comes to people who work far from home – they could be provided with office portals in which they can enter and leave at their discretion. Physically, you can be in the only person in the office, but virtually someone else can still be there with you.

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Augmented reality vs. Virtual reality

We are witness to the emergence of new technologies, that more less transform our world into virtual one. They have a different name but are technologically almost the same. We are speaking about the two basic technologies of augmented and virtual reality. Augmented reality abbreviated to -AR and virtual reality abbreviated to -VR.

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The basic and fundamental difference is the level of immersion into the virtual world.

AR blends virtual elements with the real surrounding environment. Combining the digital and physical worlds by adding a new layer of information, such as text, pictures or 3D objects. AR applications can be operated by using video display devices, devices with a direct view of the real world, such as a smartphone, tablet or headset for example Hololens .

VR on the other hand the most complex virtual environment. It is necessary to perceive complex artificial information and that means to be as detached from reality as possible. To conclude VR is practically unusable without the use of some type of headset. The image comes from a display and sound from headphones.

Virtual reality is finding its place in the field of fun and gaming and Augmented reality in the field of utility. Currently it is possible to use a variety of software to create Augmented reality application. It is finding its place in different fields of the industrial environment such as in maintenance, warehouses and in project solution through marketing to assembly. Primary users of AR are going to be companies and business offices . AR has a huge potential for gathering and sharing tactical information.

The question is, which technology virtual or augmented, can deliver a better user experience. Given the difference between the devices, this is the wrong question to ask. A better question would be, what type of experience are you are looking for. One which removes the user from the real world, or one that blends virtual elements with the users surrounding environment.

Virtual reality: 

  • User experience- Closed and fully immersive
  • Environment- Virtual
  • Interaction- Virtual interaction

Augmented reality:

  • User experience- Open and blended
  • Environment- Augmented reality
  • Interaction- Collaboration and share experience

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