Innovative solutions for industry and the commercial sector

We are focused on the development of complex solutions, utilizing the technologies of augmented reality- AR. In practice augmented reality provides unquestionable advantages by combining real images with virtual 3D objects.

The unique solutions of software platform XARatec’s are based on simple and fast system integration with a design extension and data from all types of commonly used 3D projection systems (e.g. AutoCAD, Solid Works, etc.). The solution principle focuses on integrating data resources, simple and fast data exchange with information systems through the use of process modules and cloud storage.

We are developing applications for various types of holographic glasses, tablets and smartphones.


XARfix – Effective application for reparation and maintenance. With the use of holographic glasses, it is possible to simply guide a service technician when performing maintenance. A specialist is connected to a production line technician who can easily take control even in the case of more demanding repairs.

XARview – Application for holographic glasses. It is primarily intended for use in industry, business and services. It enables quick and efficient design of production lines. Thanks to a comprehensive view, it is possible to exclude all difficult factors of planned production process.

XARbuild – An application which allows you to visualize, review and project your future building with the help of holographic glasses. It supports the creation of projects from ground up and additionally optimizes the process of completion or reconstruction of existing buildings.

XARguide – An application which integrates the two most important elements of the educational process. A comprehensive visual projection and the personal approach of a professional instructor. With use of augmented reality technology, the application helps to reduce the time necessary for training and studying to a minimum.

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